Boat Definition & Meaning

A boat.

  • 1 boat /ˈboʊt/ (noun)


How to pronounce Boat

- plural boats

Primary definitions, and secondary lesser-known definitions of Boat.

1. a boat is a watercraft that is designed to float, move, and be propelled on water. It is a popular mode of transportation used for recreational purposes, fishing, and transportation of goods and people.

2. a large, luxurious car, especially one that is designed for comfort and prestige. In this context, the word 'boat' is often used to describe American cars from the 1970s and 1980s.

3. a container used for cooking food in camping or outdoor activities, and designed to be used on an open fire.

  • 2 boat /ˈboʊt/ (verb)

boats; boated; boating

[no object]

1. to travel in a boat

Synonyms of Boat


The word 'boat' is often used interchangeably with other words. However, these words have different meanings and are used in different contexts.

Antonyms of Boat


An antonym of 'boat' is 'land.' While 'boat' refers to a vehicle designed to move on water, 'land' refers to the solid ground. Other antonyms of 'boat' include 'aircraft,' 'train,' and 'car.'

Origin of the word 'boat'

The origin of the word 'boat' can be traced back to the Old English word 'bat,' which means a flat-bottomed vessel.

Examples of 'boat' in sentences

Here are some examples of how 'boat' can be used in sentences:

  • We went fishing on a small boat.
  • The cargo was loaded onto the boat and transported across the river.
  • He bought a new boat to use for water skiing.
  • The car was so big, it felt like driving a boat.

Abbreviations and acronyms related to 'boat'

There are several abbreviations and acronyms related to 'boat' that are commonly used. These include:

BOAT - Best Of All Time

BOAT - Break Out Another Thousand (a phrase used to describe the high cost of owning a boat)

BOAT - Basic Officer Advanced Training (a training program for naval officers)

BOAT - Boarding Officer Assessment Team (a team that assesses the readiness of a vessel for boarding)

Grammar rules and usage of 'boat'

In terms of grammar, 'boat' is a countable noun. This means that it can be used with both singular and plural forms. For example, 'I saw a boat' and 'I saw several boats' are both correct.

'Boat' can also be used as a verb, meaning to travel in a boat or to transport something by boat. For example, 'We boated across the lake' and 'We boated the cargo across the river' are both correct.

Words related to 'boat' in the context of a job or profession

There are several words related to 'boat' that are commonly used in the context of a job or profession. These include:

Skipper - a person who is in charge of a boat or ship

Crew - the people who work on a boat or ship

Captain - the person who is in charge of a ship or larger boat

Navigator - the person who is responsible for guiding a boat or ship

Deckhand - a person who works on the deck of a boat or ship

Common phrases and idioms using 'boat'

There are several common phrases and idioms that use the word 'boat.' These include:

  • Rock the boat - to cause trouble or to disturb the status quo
  • Miss the boat - to miss an opportunity
  • Burn your boats - to commit to a particular course of action without any possibility of turning back
  • A rising tide lifts all boats - a phrase used to describe the idea that a strong economy benefits everyone